Being still is hard sometimes, isn’t it?

Sunday evening. I’ve been home all day today. Watching “Little Big Shots” on tv right now. Back at the store, there are a few orders pending from Saturday, and a few more that came in today. I had the urge to go to work today. Almost wish I had. But I told myself, that to be a better worker this coming week, I should stay home. Take a little pause.

Being still is hard sometimes, isn’t it? I usually embrace it really well. I find it restful. I’m content doing almost nothing. But a lot of the time recently, it has felt a bit like there is a giant ball that needs pushed…that I’ve been pushing…and that if I let it come to rest, I won’t be able to get it rolling again.

Does that make any sense? Does anyone else feel that way a bit? It’s like I’m trying to maintain some momentum in this season. Keep going…keep going. It’s not a sense of desperation. I say that because I really don’t feel anxious. It’s a sense of control and “doing” and maintaining…a sense of order. Hmmmm. I’m thinking as I write this. Maybe it is a sense of maintaining normal. Self discovery moment!

I rarely use the “v” word ever. The virus. As if by not saying it, I am not letting it have a part of me…not giving it power. I say “this season” instead. And if I don’t say the “v” word and if I keep the ball going…well, I just feel good about it. My normal.

You know, in this season, many are taking their temperature. But I am taking my life temperature. My mind…my heart…my emotions…my choices. I’m trying to pay attention to what is good for me. I’m taking my temperature a lot. Even small things matter. Some things I used to do before, maybe automatically without thinking…now I think, I don’t need that. I’m asking questions more. Is that what I want? Is that good for me?

But more than that. I want to be at my best, so I can be a help and encouragement to others. To you folks. To anyone I find in my life path. I don’t want that to sound boastful. Themes that I repeat in my posts…beauty, kindness, courage, faith...I talk about them, and ask questions, and share stories, and try to write honestly…not because I’m smart and have it all figured out. I write about such stuff, because I think about these things and they make my life better. And I want YOU to think about these things, and ask questions, and notice what is what, and make choices that are good for you. Because I want the best for you…and because so often it is hearing your thoughts and stories, that point me to these things and help ME figure things out.

I’m so grateful for this space to consider these things together. This space on facebook. And this space inside our MoonPie General Store, where face to face and heart to heart with you, is more than I deserve and could ask for.

Tomorrow. Monday. A new day for all of us. I pray you rest well tonight. I think it’s ok to stop pushing that big ball for a little bit. And I bet when it’s time to push again…well…you’ll find there’s me and a bunch of others there to help push.

I’ll remind you that we have many offers on our page if you scroll down. Gift cards. 48 mini moonpies for $22. Puzzles, books, checkers, mugs. Maybe we have something you’d like. Let us know.

Sleep well.