• Say the words.

    I am delightfully amazed at the great manner in which kindness is on display these days. It is fierce. Generous. Enthusiastic. Selfless. People being good to each other, to many they do not know, separated by six feet or miles. People keep giving and giving and giving. Deep caring. The word “lovingkindness” comes to mind.
  • Being still is hard sometimes, isn’t it?

    Being still is hard sometimes, isn’t it? I usually embrace it really well. I find it restful. I’m content doing almost nothing. But a lot of the time recently, it has felt a bit like there is a giant ball that needs pushed…that I’ve been pushing…and that if I let it come to rest, I won’t be able to get it rolling again.
  • These people. My people. I miss them. I need them. I am ready to welcome them back. Soon.

     think there is a sadness in these mountains. Oh, I know that they have been around for years and years...for generation after generation. But what if we are their children, and they want to gather us in to hear their stories and share their beauty?

    Because stories...are meant to be heard.
    And meant to be seen.