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"Fads" puzzle by White Mountain

"Fads" puzzle by White Mountain

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Here today, gone tomorrow. That's a fad. A big deal for awhile, and then "poof!"  It's gone.  Remember any of these? 1,000 (larger) piece puzzle by White Mountain measures 24" by 30."

Slip & Slide with your Pet Rock to the Scrabble Board while snacking on Jello Salad & Tang. But if you & your friends want to cram yourselves into a telephone booth you’ll have to Slimfast with time spent in a Hula Hoop! Hot Pants & Mickey Mouse Leisure Suits optional. Where’s the Beef? In your Swanson’s TV Dinner! Designer Charlie Girard. 

White Mountain Puzzles has been making high quality jigsaw puzzles in the USA for over 30 years. Putting puzzles together is a timeless activity that can bridge generations.

White Mountain Puzzle 1000 Pieces

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