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Bob Ross' Happy Little Night Before Christmas

Bob Ross' Happy Little Night Before Christmas

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"Bob Ross' Happy Little Night Before Christmas" Art by Bob Ross and written by Robb Pearlman.

An instant holiday classic. A happy little Christmas miracle.

Even after more than 20 years after his death, pop culture icon, painter, host, and teacher Bob Ross has never been more heralded than he is today. His memorable quotes, friendly face, and signature hairstyle grace merchandise and memes around the world. But what makes Bob as beloved as he is are ultimately his core values, and his peaceful, joyful demeanor that encouraged his students and viewers to not only appreciate their natural talents but to appreciate the natural world around them. 
Bob was, in many respects, the embodiment of the classic holiday sprint which encourages peace on Earth and good will toward men.
Now, for the first time, inspired by the classic Clement C. Moore’s story, this fully-authorized tale of a painter (and his little squirrel friend) on a cold winter night pairs Bob Ross's most beautiful wintertime landscapes with a meditation on embracing not only your inner creativity, but the beauty of nature, and the feelings of peace, friendship, and harmony that blankets the entire holiday season like a happy little snowfall. 
Perfect for families, fans, and painters of all ages, 
Bob Ross’s Happy Little Night Before Christmas is the perfect addition to any holiday tradition.

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